We are taking a little break. Stay tuned for new hours and location.


Frankie Street Food is not taking catering requests at this time.

However, our Executive Chef, Tushar Tondvalkar, has a catering company called Indian Pantry Catering. He would be more than happy to cater your next event.



The story goes like this. The owners of BRAVE Brewing acquired a food truck from their previous company, however, none of them are chefs despite what they think. So the hunt began, and very quickly they were introduced to Executive Chefs Evan Elman and Tushar Tondvalkar and they knew immediately that they were a good fit. 

During the COVID years, Evan and Tushar had been running Frankie as a ghost kitchen out of a commissary in East Vancouver. They had big dreams to get Frankie some wheels. BRAVE had the wheels, Evan and Tushar have the creativity and the knife skills and whammo, Frankie Street Food has a truck and chefs and new friendships have been forged. 

What to expect from the menu? The quick answer is mouth-watering Mumbai-inspired street food. In Mumbai a Frankie is also known as a roti wrap. Traditionally, they are wrapped in freshly made roti with a thin layer of egg. Frankies are open for interpretation and can be stuffed with any ingredients.

We have decided to steer clear of tradition and create our own interpretation.

Frankie is committed to using a portion of profit, product and time to support local non-profits. And, we are using eco-friendly packaging and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.